01.03.2024 Jornal Expresso

Opinion article by Rui Patrício and Pedro Duro in the weekly Expresso

Rui Patrício, a partner at Morais Leitão, and Pedro Duro, a partner at CS'Associados, wrote an opinion article "In the country of trials - some proposals for a wider debate"", published in the weekly newspaper Expresso.

The lawyers talk about the need for reforms in Portugal's criminal justice system, focussing on the pre-trial phase of criminal cases.

They address issues such as the importance of pre-trial proceedings as an essential phase of criminal proceedings, the challenges faced in mega-proceedings, the lack of resources for pre-trial judges, the excessive length of proceedings, the digitalisation of proceedings as a means of efficiency, the misuse of procedural guarantees and the need for a more negotiated and alternative approach in criminal proceedings.

The authors also emphasise the importance of a serious and in-depth debate to promote significant improvements in the criminal justice system in Portugal.

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