Rui Patrício interviewed by Advocatus: "There is an increased presumption of guilt in media cases"

Morais Leitão partner Rui Patrício is on the cover of the March issue of Advocatus magazine, regarding an interview in which he discusses the media impact of high-profile cases. For the Morais Leitão partner, on the one hand there is an increased presumption of guilt; on the other, there is a lot of noise regarding the cases that attract heightened media interest

In addition, Rui Patrício mentions the existence of an extra-procedural dimension that needs to be worked on and dealt with, a dimension that often has procedural implications.

The lawyer also responds to the frequently risen possibility of the pre-trial phase ceasing to exist in criminal proceedings "[...] No, it doesn't make sense for the pre-trial phase to cease to exist, in my opinion. It makes sense for it to be taken seriously, whether in law, in practice or in collective thought, and not wrapped up in proclamations (sometimes intellectually terrorist) about the alleged excess of guarantees - which is talk, as they say in Brazil, for fools. In fact, doing away with the pre-trial phase would mean changing the whole process, particularly the investigation phase, because everything is connected and there are global structures and balances to be taken into account."

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