07.05.2020 António Sampaio Caramelo • Almedina

Challenging arbitral awards, a book by António Sampaio Caramelo

In this book, now in its fourth edition, António Sampaio Caramelo, a partner of Morais Leitão's Litigation and Arbitration team, presents the issue of challenging arbitral awards.

According to the synopsis, "The need for States to exercise effective, albeit restrained, control over arbitral awards handed down in their territory, in order to safeguard interests considered fundamental, is affirmed by the best doctrine and by comparative law. This control is intended to ensure the integrity of the court, the process and the award, checking whether legal principles and rules considered to be absolutely non-derogable have been violated. The efforts of some commentators to empty the content of this control as much as possible do not contribute to the enhancement of arbitration as a means of judicial resolution of disputes because, by restricting the scope of its scrutiny by state courts, they weaken the legitimacy and social acceptance of arbitration decisions."