02.07.2024 David Silva Ramalho • Almedina

Compilation of Legislation on Cybersecurity and Tools to Combat Cybercrime, by David Silva Ramalho

David Silva Ramalho, lawyer at Morais Leitão, is the author of the work "Compilation of Legislation on Cybersecurity and Tools to Combat Cybercrime" [available only in Portuguese], recently published by Almedina.

"Cybersecurity and cybercrime are two facets of the same problem. On the one hand, the prevention of computer incidents, on the other, the repression of incidents caused intentionally. The legal framework that regulates these areas is extensive and difficult to master, either because of the various sources of legislation from different hierarchies and legal orders, sometimes in separate provisions in legislation on other subjects, or because of the existence of provisions that for one reason or another are not yet in force. The purpose of this Collection is to offer the user, in a portable and easy-to-consult form, and without pretending to be exhaustive, a compilation of the main national and international regulations, enabling a generic and global understanding of the legal and regulatory framework in force."

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