21.02.2024 International Comparative Legal Guides (ICLG) • Claudia Santos Cruz, Paula Duarte Rocha • Global Legal Group

ICLG to Oil & Gas Regulation 2024 – Mozambique

Claudia Santos Cruz and Paula Duarte Rocha signed the Mozambique chapter of the guide "ICLG to Oil & Gas Regulation 2024 - Mozambique", a Global Legal Group publication.

"Mozambique’s significant reserves of natural gas, which are estimated to hold over 100 trillion cubic feet (expected to double following the prospection phase), places the country as one of the largest proved natural gas reserve holders in Africa.

Two onshore fields located in the south of Mozambique (in Pande and Temane) are already well established, operated by Sasol, a South African energy firm that exports natural gas via a pipeline that connects the Pande and Temane fields to South Africa after processing the gas in a central processing facility."