03.11.2022 International Review of Constitutional Reform • Inês F. Neves • International Review of Constitutional Reform

Jurisdiction Report - Portugal

Inês F. Neves is one of the authors of Portugal's "Jurisdiction Report", published in "The 2021 International Review of Constitutional Reform". The report was co-authored by Luísa Neto, Anabela Leão and Ana Rita Babo.

This work brings together jurisdictional reports - written by academics and legal specialists, often in collaboration - on all forms of constitutional review, present around the world. Each report explains and contextualizes the constitutional reform events that took place in a particular jurisdiction during the previous year:

«As stated in the 2020 report, the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic (hereinafter ‘Constitution’ or ‘Portuguese Constitution’) was passed on 2 April 1976 and empowers the Parliament (‘Assembly of the Republic’) to revise the Constitution, subject to specific limits. The applicable provisions are laid down in Articles 284-289, included in Title II (‘Revision of the Constitution’) of Part IV of the Constitution (‘Guaranteeing and revision of the Constitution’).»

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