Brígida Magalhães Malheiro


Brígida Magalhães Malheiro joined the Firm in September 2020. She is a member of the litigation and arbitration team.

Previously, she attended a summer internship at Garrigues (July 2019), Pacheco de Amorim, Miranda Blom & Associados (August 2019) and Telles de Abreu (September, 2019).

Brígida Magalhães Malheiro is an Invited Assistant, since September 2020, where she teaches, at this date, Civil Procedure Law, Political Economics I, Public Finance and History of Law. In the past two years, she also taught, respectively, Tax Law and Introduction to Law, Criminology Degree. 

Brígida Magalhães Malheiro is also collaborator researcher in CIJ (Centro de Investigação Jurídica da FDUP), since January, 2022. 

Law Degree (Faculty of Law, University of Porto, 2020). Attending a Master's Degree in law, with a specialization in legal-private sciences (Faculty of Law, University of Porto).


Portuguese, English and Spanish.


Portuguese Bar Association (admitted in 2022).

Brígida Magalhães Malheiro

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