Francisca Robalo Cordeiro

Principal Associate

Francisca Robalo Cordeiro joined the firm in September 2015. She is a member of the firm’s litigation and arbitration team.

Her practice is mainly focused on civil, criminal and misdemeanor litigation, as well as on private data protection.

Francisca has also acted in the family law field, providing legal assistance to individual clients in this area and also on related criminal processes (namely domestic violence cases).

She was a speaker on the panel “GDPR – the new data protection law”, at the “Technological Innovation Forum – SME’s technological revolution”, hosted by ISLA.
Francisca was a lecturer at the course “Administrative Information Access” (Instituto de Ciências Jurídico-Políticas of the University of Lisbon School of Law).

She was a member of the Public Procurement Group of CEDIPRE (Center of Studies in Public Law and Regulation, Coimbra Faculty of Law) from 2015 to 2019, having thus participated as a speaker at the Colloquium “The Review of the Public Procurement Code”, in 2016.

Previously, she was a member of the firm’s real estate team, the employment and pensions team and the administrative and public law team.

Law Degree (Coimbra Faculty of Law, 2014). Postgraduate Studies on Administrative and Fiscal Justice (CEDIPRE, 2014). Attending a Master’s Degree in Administrative Law (Coimbra Faculty of Law). Attends the General Data Protection Regulation Programme, 2nd edition (Católica Lisbon School of Law). Attends the Course in Psychology and Psychopathology for Lawyers, at the Association Advogados de Família e das Crianças. Attends the 5th Short Postgraduate Course in Domestic Violence, at Centro de Direito da Família (Faculty of Law, University of Coimbra). Attends the Postgraduate Course in Children and Youth Law (Promotion and Protection), at the Centro de Direito da Família (Faculty of Law, University of Coimbra).


Portuguese and English.


Portuguese Bar Association (admitted in 2017). Member of the Association Advogados de Família e das Crianças, since February 2021.

Francisca Robalo Cordeiro

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