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In mediation, it is the parties themselves who decide how to end the litigation and they define the obligations assumed by each party for this purpose. This process involves a negotiation process conducted by a neutral and impartial mediator, who supports and leads them in a discussion focused on the real interests of the parties.

This means of dispute resolution is characterised by its speed and efficiency, creativity of the admissible solutions and voluntary nature of the process and its final solution. In this way, it reduces the potential for future conflict and the failure rates of the agreements reached.

Mediation has been undergoing extensive growth since the transposition of the Mediation Directive and the entry into force of the Mediation Law. It is now possible to resort to ad hoc or institutional private mediation (through the most prestigious national, foreign or international arbitration institutions), either as a preliminary step to judicial or arbitral proceedings, or as a sole and definitive dispute settlement process.

We have experience in representation and legal advice in various areas of private, civil and commercial mediation, both in the drawing up and negotiation of mediation conventions, and also participating in mediation proceedings, as mediators or lawyers of a party. The Firm has certified and specialised mediators on its team, able to advise the client on the adequacy of mediation for the settlement of their specific case and to support the client in the search for the most satisfactory business solution taking into account their interests and needs.