Irina Neves Ferreira and Claudia Santos Cruz represent the ML Legal Circle at an investment conference

Irina Neves Ferreira, a partner at both Morais Leitão and ALC Advogados, and Claudia Santos Cruz, Morais Leitão partner and consultant with the MDR Advogados team in Maputo, both firms being part of the Morais Leitão Legal Circle, were invited to participate as speakers at the conference "Investment in Angola and Mozambique" organised by Standard Bank.

Irina Neves Ferreira covered regulatory and foreign investment aspects in Angola, whilst Claudia Santos Cruz focused on the Gas sector and regional opportunities in Mozambique. Morais Leitão principal associate, Ana Corrêa Cardoso, and Frederico de Távora Pedro, consultant with ALC Advogados also participated.

South Africa's Standard Bank Group was the largest bank in Africa as of 2021, by total assets and operates in 20 countries on the continent.