ML Digital Podcast | E-commerce: who will have to adapt to the DSA?

As part of the partnership between Morais Leitão and ECO, the firm presents the second episode of the ML Digital Podcast.

This second conversation, moderated by journalist Ana Filipa Rosa, is dedicated to the topic of the DSA (Digital Services Act) and features lawyers Inês F. Neves, David Noel Brito and Teresa Neves (who was part of the ML team at the time).

The lawyers seek to clarify what the entry into force of the Digital Services Regulation, which is due to come into force on 17 February 2024, will entail. They state that "the main aim of the DSA is to create a balance which, according to these experts, will nevertheless depend on how each company implements it".

In addition to this Regulation, they also talk about the Digital Markets Act - DMA - as a tool with a less broad scope than the DSA.

(This content is only available in Portuguese).