01.04.2024 Joana Granadeiro, Filipe Galvão Teles, Nuno Cunha Teles, Ricardo Neto Galvão, Inês Carreiro • Editora Quartier Latin

Arbitragem 2 Mundos - Diálogos entre o Brasil e Portugal

The publication “Arbitragem 2 Mundos - Diálogos entre o Brasil e Portugal” (volumes I and II) was recently released. It was published by Editora Quartier Latin.

Joana Granadeiro contributed to the first volume, authoring the article "The principle of competence-competence in Portuguese law".

Filipe Galvão Teles and Nuno Cunha Teles also contributed to the publication by signing the article "The intervention of third parties under the Portuguese Voluntary Arbitration Law".

The second volume includes the article "Challenges of regulating (via soft law) professional secrecy in international arbitration: the Portuguese perspective" whose authors are Ricardo Neto Galvão and Inês Carreiro.

(This publication is also available in Portuguese).