Leaders League 2024

The results of the Leaders League 2024 ranking were recently released.

Morais Leitão stands out as a top firm in six of the categories analysed: Corporate / M&A, Private Equity, Tax, Banking & Finance, Real Estate, and Restructuring & Insolvency. ML is classified as a "Leading Firm" in five of thses practice areas. 

Banking & Finance

  1. Filipe Lowndes Marques (Leading Lawyer)
  2. Luís Branco (Leading Lawyer)

Corporate / M&A

  1. Carlos Osório de Castro (Leading Lawyer)
  2. Eduardo Paulino (Leading Lawyer)
  3. Nuno Galvão Teles (Leading Lawyer)
  4. Tomás Vaz Pinto (Leading Lawyer)

Private Equity

  1. Tomás Vaz Pinto (Leading Lawyer)

Real Estate

  1. João Torroaes Valente (Excellent Lawyer)
  2. Rita Ferreira Vicente (Excellent Lawyer)

Restructuring & Insolvency

  1. Filipe Lowndes Marques (Leading Lawyer)


  1. António Lobo Xavier (Leading Lawyer)
  2. Bruno Santiago (Leading Lawyer)
  3. Francisco de Sousa da Câmara (Leading Lawyer)
  4. Isabel Santos Fidalgo (Leading Lawyer)

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