Morais Leitão renews its lead in the IFLR1000 ranking

The IFLR1000 ranking published its results, highlighting Morais Leitão in all the researched areas.


The results of the IFLR1000 directory were released today, 14th September.

Morais Leitão was distinguished as a Tier 1 firm in the areas analysed - Banking and Finance, Capital Markets, Corporate and M&A, Project Development, Project Finance and Restructuring and Insolvency.

ML is the firm with the largest number of lawyers recognised as leaders in their respective practice areas. They are:

  1. Ana Monjardino (Notable practitioner)
  2. Bruno Xavier de Pina (Expert consultant)
  3. Carlos Osório de Castro (Highly regarded)
  4. Carolina Barrueca (Rising star)
  5. Catarina Brito Ferreira (Highly regarded)
  6. Cláudia Castanheira dos Santos (Expert consultant)
  7. Claudia Santos Cruz (Highly regarded)
  8. Diana Ribeiro Duarte (Rising star partner)
  9. Eduardo Paulino (Highly regarded)
  10. Elmano Sousa Costa (Rising star)
  11. Filipa Morais Alçada (Notable practitioner)
  12. Filipe Lowndes Marques (Market Leader)
  13. Joana Alves de Abreu (Notable practitioner)
  14. João Alfredo Afonso (Highly regarded)
  15. Luís Branco (Highly regarded)
  16. Luís Roquete Geraldes (Rising star partner)
  17. Magda Viçoso (Notable practitioner)
  18. Margarida Olazabal Cabral (Highly regarded)
  19. Margarida Torres Gama (Rising star partner)
  20. Maria Soares do Lago (Rising star partner)
  21. Nuno Galvão Teles (Highly regarded)
  22. Nuno Gundar da Cruz (Highly regarded)
  23. Paulo Rendeiro (Notable practitioner)
  24. Pedro Gorjão Henriques (Notable practitioner)
  25. Ricardo Andrade Amaro (Notable practitioner)
  26. Rui de Oliveira Neves (Highly regarded)
  27. Tomás Vaz Pinto (Highly regarded)
  28. Vítor Pereira das Neves (Highly regarded)

The results are the outcome of a careful assessment based on recommendations and interviews with peers and clients, as well as an exhaustive analysis of the market and matters advised by the firms assessed.

See the results here.