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"They are the most reliable and loyal group of lawyers. They have a good presence in academia too."
"Morais Leitão is a very well-known firm that is very good at tax."

"The lawyers are able to present solutions, trying to solve the deal breakers."

"The team studies the matters in depth, presenting solutions and alternatives in order to solve the issues."

"The lawyers are very experienced and have a great know-how that allows them flexibility in building consistent solutions."

"The team is very well prepared and is technically able to provide high performance advice."

"The lawyers are deeply aware of the client's business and seek to structure appropriate solutions."


"Morais Leitão's service level is very quick and top-notch quality."

 "The team is always on top of the game."

"The firm has been able to combine multipurpose and experienced teams, with very high level of qualification and expertise; its lawyers are always ready to brainstorm and available to discuss new approaches."

"The investigation of the matters is very deep, anticipating all sorts of implications that may be involved with the subject and the conclusions are very clear."

"The Morais Leitão team is sophisticated and able to handle significant and complex cases."

"The lawyers at Morais Leitão are very competent in their analysis of the issues and very forward-looking in their approach to the outcome. Their degree of specialisation makes it possible to answer objectively the questions addressed."

"The practitioners give priority to urgent questions without prejudicing the correctness and accuracy of the answer. The response time depends on the level of complexity of the question being analysed, without prejudicing the client's expectations."

"The lawyers have a consolidated knowledge of the major energy subjects."
"The energy team of Morais Leitão can handle very sophisticated and complex matters very swiftly, which is what a client wants. The lawyers are cautious in their advice and always provide strong replies and practical solutions to the client."
"The lawyers are always on top of new legislation and regulation."

"Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados has a very successful cross-practice team extending to all expert areas within the insurance business."

"Its lawyers are extremely hands-on, able to move forward very quickly, know all the players in the insurance sector and have a strong commercial sense."

"The team has a lot of experience and a great sense of commercial awareness, which enables anticipation of the client's future problems."

"The lawyers have a lot of experience in patent litigation in the pharmaceutical area, which is very complex. There doesn't seem to be a problem they can't solve."

"The lawyers have a lot of experience in patent litigation in the pharmaceutical area, which is very complex. There doesn't seem to be a problem they can't solve."

"The lawyers at Morais Leitão show proficiency in the relations with local authorities, excellent knowledge in urbanism and related legal matters."

"The team shows in-depth knowledge about the procedures and timings of the local authorities while dealing with delicate issues. They always have a positive hands-on attitude."

"The lawyers' ability to handle complex and sophisticated matters is the reason to work with them."

"The lawyers engaged in the matter are absolutely rock stars, not only due to their expertise in the required fields but also in managing the stakeholders necessary for the success of the operation."

"The team at Morais Leitão is very experienced, responsive and serious."

"They are always available to find new solutions."

"The team has a great ability to deliver and provide legal support with a great standard of quality and in a timely manner."

"Morais Leitão lawyers have excellent capability to explain, find solutions and solve issues."

"The firm's strong point is the involvement of the partners in the various matters and their clear legal experience."

"Morais Leitão's lawyers always show a very proactive, focused attitude with the ability to see the general picture in each step that can be followed."

"The team shows strong technical skills, agility and readiness in all our requests."

"They have a lot of different skills within the team, which is helpful for transactions requiring a mix of tax, regulatory, legal and urban planning advice."

"Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados' team always has an eye on the commercial impact."

 "The team are very pragmatic and deal-focused."

Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados offers a solid practice group with notable expertise advising on insolvency and restructuring processes, such as assisting with special revitalisation proceedings, liquidation and credit recovery claims. The team is experienced in representing clients in insolvency liability. The law firm's client roster features an array of domestic and international banking institutions, as well as the directors and shareholders of insolvent companies.

"Morais Leitão lawyers have a very commercial approach to complex matters. Their commercial awareness is their main competitive advantage."

"The team is able to decompose the problems and find pragmatic solutions, regardless of the complexity of the issue."

"The law firm combines experience with youth. Both act with extremely high standards of quality and a deep knowledge inside the subjects they were hired to take on."

"The high involvement in customer concerns leads the team at Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva to study the most appropriate solution in depth."

"The team has a strong commercial awareness across the board and with an attention to the aspects which are critical to the clients."

Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados retains a solid reputation for advising on cross-border aviation matters. The team is active in regulatory mandates as well as dispute resolution. The law firm is also well placed to handle aircraft transactions and contract negotiations. It advises a roster of prominent clients from well-known aviation companies to airlines.

"The team has an excellent commercial awareness."


"Bruno Santiago is great: I like him a lot and he is a good lawyer."

"Luís Branco is one of the best and most experienced lawyers in Portugal on this subject matter."

Luís Branco is a longstanding and well-respected figure among market commentators. His expertise covers a variety of financing transactions, including corporate and acquisition finance.

Filipe Lowndes Marques assists renowned banks and multinational investors with a variety of banking and finance matters including securitisations, debt restructurings and real estate finance deals.

"Carlos Osório de Castro has a lot of knowledge and experience, always having a solution for the problem."

"Eduardo Paulino is always ready to solve problems."

"Eduardo has good knowledge and is always available."

"Carlos is a first-rate competition lawyer and a go-to person in Portugal for competition matters."

"Joaquim is one of Portugal's top competition lawyers."

"He has strong customer engagement and is a technically skilled lawyer. He demonstrates full commitment to customer success."

"He is an excellent competition lawyer with great tactical and strategic understanding."

Pedro de Gouveia e Melo assists clients with antitrust investigations and competition law compliance mandates.

Gonçalo Machado Borges frequently assists clients with investigations into allegations of anti-competitive behaviour in the technology sector. He also has experience advising clients on appeals against decisions relating to gun jumping.

Nuno Galvão Teles remains a towering figure in the corporate and M&A market. He demonstrates longstanding experience in transactions involving energy and natural resources.

Carlos Osório de Castro is well known for his advice to prominent energy and construction players. He assists with strategic partnerships as well as with share acquisitions and sales.

"Eduardo Paulino negotiates well and efficiently. He is a pleasure to work with on a daily basis and he is very proactive."

Tomás Vaz Pinto demonstrates solid knowledge of complex corporate restructurings. His client list comprises domestic and international companies.

Catarina Brito Ferreira has experience advising clients from the energy industry. She regularly assists with a wide range of M&A deals, including distressed acquisitions.

Vítor Pereira das Neves is often seen advising on corporate deals with an energy focus.

Segismundo Pinto Basto is experienced in handling cross-border share deals. He often represents domestic enterprises.

António Pinto Leite is well recognised among market commentators for his experience acting as both counsel and arbitrator in international arbitrations.

"Francisco Cortez is a very strong, high-profile and wise lawyer. He always makes a breadth and depth investigation in the subject at stake to get a deep knowledge."

"Francisco is a fantastic lawyer."

Filipe Vaz Pinto is well versed in commercial arbitrations, including those under ICC and LCIA rules. He is also well placed to advise clients on energy and construction arbitrations.

"Rui Patrício stands out from others. He is a reference in this market."

"Rui is an excellent professional, intelligent and with enormous availability and responsiveness."


António Pinto Leite is well recognised among market commentators for his experience acting as both counsel and arbitrator in international arbitrations.

"Luís Miguel Monteiro provides very reliable advice and analysis on the issues raised, from the simplest to the most complex, always geared towards the best solution for the client in order to avoid future embarrassment."

"He has the best quality."

Pedro Pardal Goulão is well regarded for his robust support to clients on employee relocations and the employment aspects of transactions, as well as advising on the hiring and termination of employees.

"Helena Tapp Barroso has in-depth knowledge of employment law and is oriented towards the best solution."

Nuno Galvão Teles is recognised for his extensive market presence and impressive roster of energy clients. He frequently provides assistance with public tender offers and regulatory matters.

"Catarina Brito Ferreira is diligent and focuses on the client, understanding the overall context of the sector and the ambitions of the client."

"Vítor Pereira das Neves has a great capacity of work and a great capacity of analysing the priorities."

"Ricardo Andrade Amaro has a very strategic approach to problems and how to solve them."

"He is very knowledgeable of the current topics, legislation and regulation."

"I would recommend Vasco Stilwell d'Andrade for his expertise and rock-solid experience in the intellectual property area."

"Vasco is very thorough and tactful."

"João's work is of excellent quality."

"Rui Ribeiro Lima has a deep knowledge of his area of activity, he has good communication and an intelligent approach to matters."

"Tomás Vaz Pinto is very well known and a great lawyer."

Luís Roquette Geraldes has a superb reputation for his work both on the investor and founder side of venture capital transactions.

"Luís Roquette Geraldes has clear vision and communication, and a good understanding of the complexity."

"He is a fantastic negotiator and comes up with really good strategies."

"Diana Ribeiro Duarte is paramount for the operation's success."

"He is one of the most knowledgeable lawyers I have had the pleasure to work with, and with an excellent commercial awareness."

"Filipe Lowndes Marques is a very dynamic lawyer with extensive knowledge of legislation as well as a strong commercial component and business knowledge."

"Luís Branco is one of the best and most experienced lawyers in Portugal on this subject matter."

"Cláudia Castanheira dos Santos is very helpful, offers excellent service level, responsiveness and best market and local sector knowledge."

Margarida Olazabal Cabral is frequently seen advising on the negotiation of concession agreements, in addition to assisting with public procurement and regulatory issues.

"Pedro Gonçalves is reputed and technically excellent."

"Miguel Nogueira de Brito is profoundly knowledgeable in administrative and constitutional law."

"João Tiago Silveira is undoubtedly one of the lawyers with the greater ability to understand the problems that are posed to him by our team."

"Nuno Peres Alves masters all the components of his work and inspires confidence in his clients."

"João Torraes Valente is a problem solver and a very good negotiator."

"He is extremely commercial, which brings a lot of security to the client."

Rita Ferreira Vicente often advises banks on sale and leaseback transactions. Her clients include private equity investors and development companies.

"He is available to his clients, and a strategist with deep knowledge of law."

"Nuno Gundar da Cruz is very able and committed."

Francisco de Sousa da Câmara is a leading practitioner in the tax sector. He is adept in advising clients on the tax aspects of acquisitions and in representing them in challenges to income tax assessments.

"António Lobo Xavier has a very high involvement and commitment, with great capacity to generate value for your ideas and knowledge."

Bruno Santiago goes up the rankings this year following strong market recognition. He assists clients with tax reimbursement matters, arbitral proceedings concerning corporate income tax assessments and tax issues arising from acquisitions.

"Nuno Peres Alves masters all the components of his work and inspires confidence in his clients."

"Tiago Félix da Costa has a very bright commercial vision which helps us to make better decisions regarding our matter."

"Claudia Santos Cruz is a dedicated lawyer who brings a high level of commitment and insight into fast-moving and difficult situations."

"Francisco is a very well-respected and well-known tax practitioner. His name carries some weight and he is also an academic."

"His work is top-notch. He is an experienced and technical tax specialist."

José Amorim Magalhães handles disputes mandates relating to the employment status of independent contractors. He also has experience in restructuring and the adoption of new collective agreements, made necessary as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Paula Ponces Camanho handles varied employment law topics on behalf of significant Portuguese corporate clients. She is well placed to advise on HR restructuring. She further assists with collective dismissals and defends companies in proceedings brought by individuals.

Joana Duro consistently attracts praise for her contributions to the firm's public law team. She advises on contentious and non-contentious matters relating to telecom concessions.

João Anacoreta Correia has an increasing focus on arbitration and litigation mandates. He has experience in commercial litigation filed on behalf of Portuguese banks.

Market commentators identify Carlos Osório de Castro as one of the most high-profile corporate lawyers in the market. In addition to his advice on the negotiation of cross-border strategic partnerships between major corporates, Carlos Osório de Castro plays a supporting role in varied disputes mandates.

Bernardo Maria Lobo Xavier handles corporate transactions, real estate acquisitions and the negotiation of lease agreements. He is well known among market commentators as a key partner in the firm's Porto office.

"Eduardo Verde Pinho is very reliable, a support for negotiations and very careful in contract drafting."

Jorge Simões Cortez stands out for his market reputation in corporate mandates. He advises on the sale of telecoms infrastructure and the negotiation of sharing agreements in cross-border transactions.

"António Lobo Xavier has a very high involvement and commitment, with great capacity to generate value for your ideas and knowledge."

António Pedro Braga has experience in the tax structuring of real estate development projects and corporate mergers and acquisitions.