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Nuno Peres Alves

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Nuno Peres Alves

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"Nuno Peres Alves masters all the components of his work and inspires confidence in his clients."

"Nuno Peres Alves masters all the components of his work and inspires confidence in his clients."

Nuno Peres Alves wins praise for his considerable experience assisting telecoms clients with a range of matters, including complex regulatory issues.

Nuno Peres Alves is a noteworthy solicitor who handles the negotiation of public service concession contracts. He also assists with an array of regulatory matters across various sectors, including telecommunications and sport. "He is capable of finding different solutions that help his clients," one client notes.

Nuno Peres Alves regularly advises domestic telecoms clients on tender processes and framework agreements.

Clients value Nuno Peres Alves 's "knowledge of the sector, adaptability to customer needs and innovative approach." He is experienced handling administrative proceedings against public authorities.

Nuno Peres Alves regularly advises domestic telecoms clients on tender processes and framework agreements. Sources underline his "availability and openness with clients."

Nuno Peres Alves is praised for his "dedication, availability and seriousness in analysis"by his clients. He works with clients in the transport, real estate, food and agriculture sectors.

Clients value how Nuno Peres Alves "goes to the detail of the problems." He is experienced in the telecoms, transport and technology sectors.

 Nuno Peres Alves acts on antitrust, regulatory and transactional instructions. He is particularly well versed in matters within the telecoms field, and also offers expertise in litigious mandates.

Nuno Peres Alves regularly represents clients in disputes concerning public funding, procurement or works contracts, and is notably active in the areas of telecoms and media.
Nuno Peres Alves is recognised for his abilities in litigious matters, and he is frequently seen advising clients with activity in the telecoms space.
Nuno Peres Alves continues to handle public works contracts as well as litigation in the public law field. Sources highlight his hands-on approach.
Nuno Peres Alves is recognised by peers for his work in the field, particularly in TMT-related litigation. He assisted NOS with administrative procedures before ANACOM regarding renewals of rights of use. Clients say: "He understands the implications of the business and technical decisions, which is remarkable."

Nuno Peres Alves

Band 4 Public Law

Nuno Peres Alves

Band 3 TMT
Nuno Peres Alves has considerable activity in the telecoms sector. He recently advised Sonaecom and Optimus on regulatory issues related to the merger between Optimus and ZON.
Market commentators confirm public law practitioner Nuno Peres Alves has considerable experience in telecoms, mainly in regulatory matters.
Nuno Peres Alves's peers recognise his work, and clients are impressed: "He is vastly experienced and has high technical skills." He recently advised Sonae Turismo Group – Atlantic Ferries on renegotiating a public service contract for river transportation.
Public law expert Nuno Peres Alves attracts praise for his expertise, availability and litigation skills. Peers remark that "he is an excellent litigator."
Nuno Peres Alves works with both public and private entities on various administrative law matters. He focuses much of his time on electronic communications issues, and represents clients before the regulatory authorities and in court.
Sources confirm that public law specialist Nuno Peres Alves remains active in this sector. He recently advised Optimus on a tender procedure for new telecoms universal service providers.
Sources regard Nuno Peres Alves as “hard-working and technically astute.”
Sources praise key team member Nuno Peres Alves for his telecoms expertise.
Nuno Peres Alves, another well-respected name in the market, recently acted on matters for NAER and Sonae.
Senior associate Nuno Peres Alves is particularly focused on electronic communications and advises important market players before the regulatory authority.
Telecoms expert Nuno Peres Alves is noted for his overall regulatory expertise, and is praised as “flexible and solutions-oriented, with fine political awareness.”
Public law specialist Nuno Peres Alves “has deep knowledge of telecoms regulation, and has also played an important role in some of the sector’s most crucial legal battles,” researchers were told.

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‘We highlight Nuno Peres Alves and Mara Rupia Lopes. Both have provided us with valuable, safe and reliable advice backed by extensive knowledge and full availability and care.’