03.02.2023 Marisa Larguinho, Inês Magalhães Correia, Nuno Sobreira • Wolters Kluwer

Corporate Acquisition and Mergers in Portugal - 2023

Marisa Larguinho, Inês Magalhães Correia e Nuno Sobreira são os autores do guia “Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers in Portugal”, uma publicação da Wolters Kluwer.

“The Portuguese legal framework provides for the possibility of incorporation of four main types of commercial companies in Portugal, notably, (i) private limited liability companies by quotas (sociedades por quotas), typically for smaller companies which want a more flexible structure and fewer corporate government requirements; (ii) limited liability companies by shares (sociedade anónima) for larger companies, which can be private or publicly traded; (iii) sociedades em nome coletivo (partnerships, in which the partners are liable in an unlimited and subsidiary manner to the company and are jointly liable to the creditors); and (iv) sociedades em comandita (limited partnership); the last two of these being less common in typical M&A transactions.”

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